5 Beauty Products You Should Infuse with CBD Oil Today

CBD + Bath & Body = A Perfect Match

CBD is all the rage, and for good reason! First, it’s an all-natural plant extract that comes naturally packed with all things good like amino acids,  antioxidants, and fatty acids. I mean seriously, all those elements have BEAUTY written all over them!

Scroll on to discover an easy way to turn 5 of your everyday bath and body products into Diy CBD Infused bath and body essentials today.

On the DIY Menu:

  • CBD Infused Shampoo
  • CBD Infused Conditioner
  • CBD Infused Face Cream
  • CBD Infused Body Lotion
  • CBD Infused Hand Soap
Old vs. New

If you’ve been living on the planet Earth the past couple of years you’ve undoubtedly heard about, read about, or have actually tried CBD by now. As time passes and more research takes place it’s no wonder CBD has made its way into the bath and body scene. There are now dozens of new bath and body products that have come out on the market containing CBD as the exciting new ingredient. I don’t know about you, but most women already have their favorite bath and body products on auto shipment! I mean, after going through all the trouble of finding the perfect hair care products and skincare products, it’s tough to ditch your “oldie but goodies” to try something new that you may not even like.

Did somebody say “DIY”

One thing I love about being a woman is our ability to work with what we got! Women are very resourceful, and when we’re looking to combine our everyday bath and body products with a user-friendly ingredient like Organic CBD Oil, it really is a match made in heaven!

Let’s explore a bit more about how CBD Oil can help nourish hair and skin, then we’ll get right into combining these ingredients to enhance your favorite haircare and skincare products right at home.

Nature Made

Nature seems to have created CBD Oil & hair to be the perfect match, here’s why:

• CBD Oil contains 21 amino acids which are essentially the building blocks of protein. Every hair strand is made out of protein so CBD naturally strengthens hair and reduces dryness.

• CBD is rich in antioxidants like vitamins A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. These antioxidants can help protect your hair from harsh free radicals from the environment which keep your locks looking and feeling healthy and strong.

• CBD Oil contains fatty acids like Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 which are all scientifically proven, when used on hair, to lock in moisture and seal the cuticle. When absorbed into the scalp these same fatty acids help to stimulate and promote hair growth!

If you think that’s exciting news, you’ll be glad to know there’s more! CBD Oil is also very skin-friendly too.

The antioxidants in CBD are one-way topical use, helps improve visible signs of aging. By counteracting free-radical damage and reducing the look of inflammation, adding CBD to your face and body creams can visibly diminish issues like wrinkles, skin dullness, and ruddy skin tone.

Money Saver

It’s no wonder Organic CBD Oil is all the rage in today’s beauty scene! Get on board by using all your favorite bath and body products you already have in your bathroom.

Simply add Level Up Organics CBD Oil for Women to the mix to save tons of cash. One bottle will give you enough oil to infuse dozens and dozens of your own bath and body products in the comfort of your own home for a small fraction of the price compared to what it costs to buy CBD bath and body products that are already made.

DIY Guide

Are you ready to turn your favorite bath and body products into your new favorite Diy CBD Infused bath and body essentials in just a few easy steps?

Let’s get started!

Recommended Product: Level Up Organics CBD Oil for Women – 900 mg – Tranquil Mint

Shampoo – Simply add a full dropper of oil to your shampoo bottle and give it a good shake. Continue using as directed.

Conditioner – Add a full dropper of oil to your favorite conditioner and shake well. You may want to use a long skewer stick to really mix well if necessary. Continue using as directed.

Face Cream – Add a drop of oil to the palm of your hand, then add a small amount of your face cream, mix well and apply as usual.

Body Lotion – Add a few drops of oil to the palm of your hand, then add a few pumps of your favorite body lotion, mix well and apply as usual.

Hand Soap – Add a half dropper of oil to your favorite liquid hand soap bottle. Close the bottle then turn upside down a few times to gently mix the oil in. Organic CBD Oil adds a natural moisturizing property to your hand soap that is nourishing to the skin. Continue using as directed.

Keeping your hands clean is so important now more than ever. Since it’s now common to wash your hands a million times a day, adding Organic CBD Oil to your liquid hand soap will add all those moisturizing skin-friendly elements we talked about earlier to the mix. Since handwashing often leads to dry, cracked, painful skin it’s just another way to add some natural goodness to your daily routine.

Diy Success

It’s not often that you discover a “Do it yourself” project that’s actually “do-able”. With all the goodness Organic CBD Oil brings to the wellness and beauty table it’s definitely worth the few minutes it will take to infuse your shampoo, conditioner, face cream, body lotion, and liquid hand soap with Organic CBD Oil. In no time soon, you’ll be enjoying the growing list of benefits CBD oil offers women and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t “Diy” sooner!

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